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Access Office365 Email.




To access your Office365 mail via the web, the URL is https://outlook.office365.com


PLEASE NOTE: Your username is your college student number followed by @stmarys-belfast.ac.uk and your password is your college password, see screenshot below for example.



If you are using a mobile device, such as a smartphone, then you will probably need to manually set up your email on that device again. The process for this is different for each mobile device, however here are some links to help you. We have found that in a lot of cases it is actually easier to delete the old email account on the phone in its entirety, and then set up a new account on the phone, rather than trying to reconfigure the old one.











Microsoft advice:



IT Support staff will assist you in configuring your mobile device if required, however assuming your normal college username is 40012345 and your old email address is jbloggs23@smucb.ac.uk, all the details you need are as follows:


Account Type:  Microsoft Exchange Activesync
Your Email Address:  jbloggs23@stmarys-belfast.ac.uk
Your username:  40012345@stmarys-belfast.ac.uk
Password:   This is your college password for the account 40012345.
Server name: Outlook.office365.com