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Teacher Education

In response to the demand for subject specific teachers in the growing Irish Medium Post Primary sector, St Mary’s University College, Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) and the University of Ulster (UU) have formed a partnership to offer a one year PGCE course to students interested in becoming teachers in Irish Medium post-primary education.

Additional places have been added to the PGCE intake quotas for QUB and UU specifically for those applicants who wish to teach in the Irish Medium Post-Primary sector. On completion of the course, these students will be awarded a Certificate in Bilingual Education (St Mary’s University College) in addition to their PGCE qualification (UU/QUB).


Applying for the Irish Medium Post Primary PGCE

Applicants will apply to do their PGCE with either QUB or UU (depending on their subject specialism) and should express an interest in Irish Medium Education if they wish to be considered for this option. Competence in Irish is required. Usually, this means an A Level or the equivalent qualification in the language.


Course Structure

Students will follow the PGCE course designed by either QUB or UU depending on their subject specialism.

QUB prepares students to teach in the following subject areas: English, Mathematics, ICT/Computing, Science, Modern Languages, Religious Education and Social Science/Citizenship.

UU prepares students to teach in the following areas: Art and Design, English with Drama and Media Studies, Geography, History, Home Economics, Music, Physical Education and Technology and Design.


Further information on specific subjects offered and on PGCE course structures is available on QUB (www.qub.ac.uk) and UU websites (www.ulster.ac.uk).

Irish-medium students will also complete additional elements in the area of bilingual/immersion education. This will include completing summer and spring Gaeltacht programmes (15 days in total), an induction week in August and an additional week in June. This bilingual focus will be provided by St Mary’s University College, which has a long tradition in preparing teachers to teach in the Irish-Medium sector.



Anyone requiring additional information is invited to contact Dr Seán Mac Corraidh (Irish Medium Post-Primary PGCE Co-ordinator) by telephone on 028 90268283, or by e-mail.