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Teacher Education

The third annual St Mary’s Global Dimension conference for BEd 1 students took place on Tuesday, October 2nd 2007. As the title indicates, the conference highlighted imbalances that exist in today's world. The first part of the day included a Global Breakfast in the canteen designed to emphasise the 80:20 divide within and between nations. The breakfast led to reflection about global imbalance. After breakfast, students spent time discussing key issues related to global imbalance while thinking about their future role as educators. This included discussions on how the 80:20 divide affected them personally and in the classroom; students were encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings about the situation. After reviewing stark statistics about global imbalance and disadvantage, students participated in workshops led by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) including War on Want, Children in Crossfire, Concern, Red Cross, Save the Children and Trócaire. During the workshops, NGO representatives facilitated activities allowing students to consider their own values and attitudes towards global imbalance in the context of a specific organisation. In addition, each NGO provided the opportunity to learn about resources and activities designed to incorporate issues of global imbalance into teaching.