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Teacher Education

The third Global Dimension conference of the year took place on Tuesday 30th October 2007. Educating for Sustainable Development in an Interdependent World, organized for BEd 2 students, dealt with environmental impact and focused on ways to raise environmental concerns in the classroom. Guest speaker Andy Griggs, from Environmental Education Forum, discussed the need for a global perspective on environmental issues and sustainability. In addition, he provided practical information to give future teachers an idea of what causes environmental impact and suggestions on how each individual can work to address concerns facing our world such as poverty, climate change and fair trade. Workshops followed which provided students with an opportunity to learn about a specific issue in-depth. Representatives from major non-governmental organizations (NGOs) dedicated to sustainable development and environmental awareness provided information in smaller groups on a range of issues including poverty and crisis intervention following natural disasters. NGOs such as Christian Aid, Concern, Red Cross, Gift International and Action Renewables were represented. The Gift International workshop included a practical exercise allowing students to think about ethics and sustainability in the context of the Kenyan economy. Students learned about the growth of industry and the impact this development could have, not only on key local stakeholders, but also on fellow global citizens 4000 miles away.