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Teacher Education


The 2008 Chengelo Award was presented to St Mary’s BEd 2 student Declan Byrne on 26th June 2008. This award was established to recognize the outstanding contribution by students of St Mary’s University College to the Global Dimension in Education.

It is supported by the Department for International Development. The word ‘Chengelo’ means ‘Light’ in Bemba, one of the regional languages of Zambia. The title was chosen by the children of Kabwata Orphanage which has links with St  Mary’s College. The award symbolises the key values of solidarity, empathy and respect for our shared humanity.

Through his international development work, Declan has demonstrated a commitment to heath care and sustainable development projects in Africa. He has also demonstrated support for stronger bonds between schools here and in the Developing World and has shown a keen understanding of a common humanity that connects all people regardless of race, creed, gender or economic circumstance.