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Teacher Education


Students and staff attending the Global Breakfast were made to queue outside the canteen before being given a coloured sticker to indicate the breakfast they would receive. The activity was intended to reflect the huge imbalances that exist in our world today and the 80:20 divide within and between nations. 80% of students and staff attending were given a piece of dry toast and some water (coloured with tea to look dirty) to represent the majority world’s population. The remaining 20 %, who symbolized the developed world, were well fed with a small number being given more than they could eat. There was an atmosphere of general disquiet and some confusion as many students watched those being well fed and received little or nothing themselves.


Following the practical session in the canteen the students went on to look at some statistics and facts on global injustice. After the disquiet of the canteen there was a more sombre silence in the assembly hall during the presentations that followed. In groups the students then discussed how they felt in the canteen and their reaction to the statistics which had been presented. These were recorded on flashcards and displayed around the hall.


The aims of the Global Dimension in Education project were then presented with their role as future educators being highlighted.


After lunch representatives of 5 Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) led workshops with groups of students to enable them to reflect on their own attitudes and values relating to Global issues. The students had the opportunity to do some activities and use resources available from the NGOs.

  • Centre for Global Education
  • Children in Crossfire
  • Christian Aid
  • Save the Children
  • Trócaire

Students were finally asked to give some feedback on the day to inform future work. Attendance at the first year conference counts toward certification on the Global Dimension.