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Teacher Education

(3rd - 10th December 2005)


During Human Rights Week 2005, students and staff from the College took part in Amnesty International's campaign to send a message of hope to victims of injustice, and subsequently wrote letters to petition for their release.


Posters, stalls and notice boards were set up around the College informing people of Amnesty International and the many victims of injustice. Stalls offered the opportunity for people to send a message of hope and these were attended by campaign members who explained its purpose to both students and staff. Over 800 messages of hope were sent.


A guest speaker, Maddy Bridgeman, visited the College on 6th December to speak to students about Amnesty International in the Students' Union. A video was shown to the students about the plight of prisoners of injustice, and they were asked to send a message of hope. Maddy explained how a short message can bring hope to the prisoners and how it can lead to their release.