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Teacher Education

St. Mary’s offers BEd and PGCE students the opportunity to formalise their study of the global dimension in education through a Certificate in the Global Dimension in Education. The Certificate, which is unique to St. Mary’s can be completed over 3 or 4 years and require a student to complete a certain number of pieces of work and initiatives within their teaching practice as well as to attend annual Global Dimension conferences (see reports from recent conferences here).


Here you will find the proformas needed for the Portfolio of Evidence which is to be submitted by St. Mary’s students seeking certification in the Global Dimension of Education. Proformas may be downloaded in Word format for completion electronically (Primary Level can be downloaded here and Secondary Level can be downloaded here) or as Adobe files (Primary Level can be downloaded here) and Secondary Level can be downloaded here)


Certification is open to St. Mary’s Students only.