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Teacher Education


The College is offering a Masters Level Degree option called Local and Global Issues in Education. The aims of this option include:

  • students developing specialist competence in an area central to the school curriculum;
  • encouraging educational professionals to engage in research in this field;
  • students engaging in informed debate about major issues relating to personal, community, national and international development;
  • critically assessing competing models of citizenship;
  • students reflecting, in depth, on the relationship between theory and practice in local and international development issues relevant to the curriculum;
  • encouraging international dialogue and communications to heighten awareness of global issues;
  • students being informed of current research both national and international in global and development education;
  • advancing students' knowledge, understanding and awareness of global issues relevant to the curriculum.

A poster providing details of this new M-Level option is available for downloading at the following link - MEd Local and Global Issues in Education. The booklet outlining all the M-Level options and application form for the M-Level programme are available for downloading at the following links - Masters Degree Programme Booklet and Masters Degree Programme Application Form. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer to view these documents.