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Teacher Education


The quotes below reflect the attitudes and experiences of many staff involved with the St Mary’s Global Dimension Project in relation to the general impact that the project has had, as well as ways the project has enhanced their own teacher training.



When I talk about global issues they [the students] are more tuned in and are well able to engage whereas they would have been less aware before.


I can say that the work of the [Human Rights] Group has been considerably enhanced by the Global Dimension Project.


I believe that the increase in awareness that the project has created in areas such as fair trade, waste re-cycling, charitable issues etc etc, amongst the student and staff bodies in the college is of great benefit to any individuals continuing personal development.


It’s been a catalyst for the Masters and for bringing subjects which might not have met together, together and for integrated subject leaning which wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for the GD project


Protestant and Catholic existed so I didn’t have to deal with a multicultural society but you’re growing up in a different society.


Without a doubt, the GD project has had an impact in the College. 


It’s not the sort of thing [attitudes about global dimension concepts] that changes overnight; it’s like a slow burner.