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Teacher Education

The conference held for the fourth-year BEd and PGCE students took place on 15th October 2008 in the College. The theme of the conference was "Immersion in Ethnically Diverse Cultures to Support Inclusion" and had representation from six organisations. After registration, the conference began with a keynote address by Brónagh Crummey-Bryan from The Cultural Exchange. Brónagh's talk was titled "The Challenges of Ethnically Diverse Classrooms in Northern Ireland."

There were 6 workshops held with the students and the facilitators were from:

  • Indian Community Centre;
  • Belfast Islamic Centre;
  • The Cultural Exchange;
  • St Mary's Primary School;
  • Northern Ireland Council For Ethnic Minorities;
  • Chinese Welfare Association.

The workshops were a mixture of presentations and group activities, where the facilitators informed the students about resources, methods and examples of how to bring the issue of ethnically diverse cultures into the classroom.


Brónagh Crummey-Bryan - The Cultural Exchange


Sheikh Anwar Mady - Belfast Islamic Centre

Bidit Dey - Indian Community Centre


Jolena Flett - N.I. Council for Ethnic Minorities

BEd 4 & PGCE students participating in workshop


Karen Scrivens - Chinese Welfare Association

BEd 4 & PGCE students listening at a workshop


Gerry Murphy - St Mary's Primary School

Brónagh Crummey-Bryan - The Cultural Exchange