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Liberal Arts Regulations

St Mary’s University College is a college of Queen’s University Belfast. Students are subject to the General Regulations of the University as well as the Regulations of the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Students should familiarise themselves with those regulations which may be consulted in the QUB Calendar.

The specific regulations for the BA (Liberal Arts) degree are presented in the format of a Programme Specification. This format is used in many universities in the British Isles to improve the transparency of contents, progression, regulations and outcomes of third-level programmes. An introduction to programme specifications may be found in the Liberal Arts Academic Handbook.

Liberal Arts Academic Handbook

The Liberal Arts Academic Handbook is the official reference document for information concerning the BA (Liberal Arts) degree. It contains general information about the degree, its regulations, contents and delivery. It also contains official module outlines for modules of the degree, in particular the modules of Element one and Element two. Element three modules may be found in the relevant departmental handbooks.