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The model for research is designed to provide a unifying theme for all academic research and also to facilitate smaller centres of specialism where staff can pursue their research interests within a collegial environment, staying on track with regard to the College's priorities. These are referred to as Research Groups.


The College’s research strategy is closely aligned to the Learning and Teaching Strategy and supports the four academic programmes within Teacher Education and Liberal Arts. Research in St Mary’s is focused on education. The report on the Review of Research recommended that Liberal Arts academic staff orientate their research interests towards education, as much as possible. This could benefit all concerned. It has also been recommended that the research model outlined in the Research Strategy 2014-17 should be further revised to harness the research skills and competences of staff and achieve a sharper focus on teacher education and pupils' learning. The model for research accommodates an interdisciplinary approach. It allows for Research Groups to operate more coherently with closer connections to one another and to a common educational theme, integral to Teacher Education and also accommodating research in subject areas that enhances Liberal Arts. The research model presented is most suited to a small institution that has distinctive areas or expertise and maximises the College's resources to best effect. It also facilitates innovative developments and the integration of collaborative interdisciplinary projects in priority areas, such as STEM.


Interdisciplinary Research
Catholic Education
Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment
International Relations & Global Justice
Irish-medium Education


The Research Office

The College's Research Office produces research newsletters in each academic year outlining successes and achievements in research activity by academic members of staff:

Research Newsletter Issue 17 (Sep 2017 - Feb 2018)

Research Newsletter Issue 16 (Mar 2017 - Aug 2017)

Research Newsletter Issue 15 (Sep 2016 - Feb 2017)

Research Newsletter Issue 14 (Mar 2016 - Aug 2016)

Research Newsletter Issue 13 (Sep 2015 - Feb 2016)

Research Newsletter Issue 12 (Mar 2015 - Aug 2015)

Research Newsletter Issue 11 (Sep 2014 - Feb 2015)

Research Newsletter Issue 10 (Mar 2014 - Aug 2014)

Research Newsletter Issue 9 (Sep 2013 - Feb 2014)

Research Newsletter Issue 8 (Mar 2013 - Aug 2013)

Research Newsletter Issue 7 (Sep 2012 - Feb 2013)

Research Newsletter Issue 6 (May - Aug 2012)

Research Newsletter Issue 5 (Jan - Apr 2012)

Research Newsletter Issue 4 (Sep - Dec 2011)

Research Newsletter Issue 3 (May - Aug 2011)

Research Newsletter Issue 2 (Jan - Apr 2011)

Research Newsletter Issue 1 (Sep - Dec 2010)