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Careers and Employability Skills Centre

  • The ultimate aim of a St Mary’s graduate teacher is to make a distinctive contribution of service and excellence, in the Catholic tradition, to education in Northern Ireland.
  • They have studied over four years within an academic community that is committed to the search for meaning and value in the intellectual life and academic excellence.
  • Their future focus as a teacher is to work for the development of the pupils in a manner which best prepares them for a lifetime of learning, leadership and service to the community in which they live.
By definition, a degree in Liberal Arts is a high-quality, multidisciplinary degree. It does not try to prepare for a specific discipline or profession as a degree in teaching, law, medicine, engineering, etc. would do. The degree fosters a well-grounded intellectual resilence, a disposition towards life-long learning and an acceptance of responsibility for the consequence of the students' ideas and actions. This broad-based education has been instrumental in helping Liberal Arts students to secure employment in a wide range of professions including:
  • Accountancy
  • Banking
  • Business Development
  • Community Education Officer
  • Financial Services
  • Human Resources Management
  • Broadcasting
  • Marketing and events
  • Police
  • PR and Marketing Management
  • Priesthood
  • Sports Development
  • Teaching