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British Education Awards

7 March 2017

Jake Magill, BEd graduate of 2016, was shortlisted for the British Education Awards (BEA) 2017.

The British Education Awards were established to promote excellence in British education and inspire the pursuit of learning.

After the awards ceremony held in London, Jake reflected on his experiences.

"I was delighted to be recognised as a finalist in the inaugural British Education Awards at the London ceremony on Monday, 30th January. It was wonderful for me, a proud graduate of St Mary's, to share the room with so many people who had distinct educational journeys, each of which were highly successful. More importantly, these were journeys enriched by a profound commitment to that which lay beyond the walls of the classroom or lecture theatre. Of course academic attainment brought us to this awards ceremony but the discussion which unfolded therein focussed on how recipients had managed to excel academically whilst giving themselves wholeheartedly to many other time-consuming, yet rewarding, initiatives.

“I was privileged to be joined by my family at the event as their unwavering support has enabled me to be where I am today. I also reflected in gratitude on all those people involved in education who had fostered a thirst for learning and wider engagement in me and the other nationwide finalists at the ceremony.

“I thank, in a particular way, the teachers and staff of St Joseph’s and St James' Primary School, Poyntzpass, the Abbey Christian Brothers' Grammar School Newry, and St Mary's University College Belfast for their contribution to my educational journey thus far. I owe particular debt to the staff of the excellent Religious Studies Department of St Mary's. They have been, and will continue to be, a guiding light for me, both professionally and personally, in the years and educational endeavours to come."

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