Professional Studies Centre

The Professional Studies Workshop provides students with an exciting opportunity to support and enhance their studies. The Workshop is a place where students can:

  • Work collegially together and share ideas, or engage in individual work;
  • Consult materials to support their research and studies;
  • Access materials, resources and equipment to assist in the design and construction of teaching-learning materials;
  • Practice on and explore the effective and efficient use of the Promethean Board;
  • Use computers to engage in research and study;
  • Obtain advice from the Professional Studies Technician concerning the safe use of materials and equipment.

The Professional Studies Workshop is a hive of positive and constructive student activity. Students use the workshop facilities throughout the College academic year, in many cases directed there by staff tutors. They can access educational and curriculum documents and resources, and materials for the Revised Northern Ireland Curriculum.

The Workshop has full ICT facilities and is part of the Wi-Fi Area of the College.

Associated Staff