Teacher Education collage

Teacher Education at St Mary’s University College

Since it was built at the start of the twentieth century, St Mary’s has acquired a proud reputation in providing high-quality teacher education. The courses provided range from undergraduate through to master’s level. Our teaching and research reflect our commitment to the highest standards of professional practice and to social justice, inclusion and the community.

At St Mary’s University College we believe that our mission is to prepare excellent teachers who in turn can lead and inspire our children in a life of learning and who will pass on the beliefs, values, knowledge and skills necessary for leading a life of full participation in society.

Teaching is more than a mere job, it is truly a vocation. Teachers must believe in their vocation and the importance of their responsibilities for the future of each individual child and the well-being of society as a whole. In our teacher education courses we aim to provide teachers who have:

  • a liking and caring for children and are sensitive to their needs;
  • an enthusiasm about teaching and commitment to the value of the educational process;
  • a belief in the promotion of equal opportunities; recognising and celebrating differences occasioned by race, religion, gender, class and special need through adoption of non-discriminatory policies;
  • a willingness to learn, a confidence to constructively reflect, and an openness to change and innovation; and,
  • a lively and inquisitive mind, and a range of cultural, intellectual and other personal interests.

These attributes reflect the Core Values set forth by the General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland (GTCNI).

Student teacher with children