The focus of research has three aims:


  1. Linking research with learning & teaching
  2. Getting research published
  3. Utilizing resources related to research


The strategic approach to developing research has three elements:


  1. To develop a good profile of knowledge from research that informs and enhances learning & teaching in the College
  2. To produce high quality research outputs with a focus on education (but not limited to this subject)
  3. To maintain a support service that enables, encourages and facilitates academic staff's engagement with research and scholarship


The infrastructure supporting research has three main aspects:


  1. A Research Office that offers support on all areas of research activity and consults with staff on research-related matters
  2. A Research Committee that steers the development of research and oversees the implementation of the current strategy
  3. A Research Ethics Committee that reviews project proposals from staff and advises on procedures and the code of practice for research