Research-Informed Teaching Case Study Document

Learning and teaching are linked to research in the college, where academic staff engage with research that informs and enhances their work, therefore motivating their commitment to high quality learning for students. The report below showcases examples of good practice among academic staff by outlining their research and indicating how it informs their teaching. The document is available to view by clicking on the image below.


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Insights Into Research

The video-recorded interviews that appear below provide insights into research in the college and focus on academic staff talking about their most recent or current research. The interviews are structured around their: research specialisms; recent or current research projects/initiatives; reasons for pursuing the research; methods of conducting the research; general findings/conclusions, and research impact relating to the public or societal issues.
To watch a video, which typically lasts for approximately 10 minutes, click on one of the weblinks below to play the video for a particular member of academic staff.


Dr Brian Hanratty (Recorded November 2019)


Dr Geraldine Magennis-Clarke (Recorded December 2019)


Dr Gerard McCann (Recorded February 2020)




Current Engagement With Research-Informed Teaching

To be completed.