International Relations and Global Justice

The research group, International Relations and Global Justice, is an interdisciplinary forum for research, public dialogue and education on international relations and global justice issues. It explores fundamental questions facing us as scholars, citizens and policy-makers, principally aimed at the following concerns: How can we make sense of justice in a global world? How do we understand global issues pertaining to collective life in areas such as culture, economics, education and politics? How do we advance a global justice agenda?


Group Activities

Research & Impact
The key aim of the research group’s activities pertains to the creation and dissemination of scholarly knowledge. Research group members contribute to interdisciplinary debates in the fields of international relations and global justice and they seek to advance our knowledge and understanding of these issues. The group's research expertise draws on a number of academic disciplines, including Cultural Studies and Political Studies; it is committed to a methodological pluralism which advances theoretical and applied knowledge in the areas of international relations and global justice. Crucially, the group’s research activities are aimed at the creation of economic, social and cultural impact.


Public Engagement
The research group is committed to public engagement and the dissemination of its research beyond the scholarly community. This commitment is reflected in the research group’s activities, which include engagement with the local community; organising and hosting of public events; and making the research group’s resources available to the local community and beyond.


Educational Activities
The scholarly activities of the research group underpin the teaching activities of its members. Research group members contribute to a number of teaching programmes offered by St Mary’s University College Belfast, including Liberal Arts and M-level programmes. A commitment to research-based teaching underpins the educational activities of research group members.

Research Group Members


  Dr Angela Vaupel Dr Gerard McCann  
Dr Angela Vaupel

Dr Gerard McCann


Current Research Themes


  • International Development; Migration. For further information on these research themes, please contact Dr Gerard McCann.


  • Borders; Exile; Identity in Cultural Media. For further information on these research themes, please contact Dr Angela Vaupel.


We welcome enquiries from prospective PhD students, visiting scholars and interested organisations and individuals. For any queries relating to the research group’s activities, please contact one of the members.


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