Academic Staff's Recent Publications

Each year, the Research Office produces the Annual Research Report, which provides an account of the various research-related activities conducted by academic staff during the academic year. Below is a list of examples of recent publications involving academic staff, from those annual reports, which contains weblinks to, for example, abstracts summarising the research, the open-access publication as a whole, or information on the publication itself.


de Bléine, P. (2022) ‘Aistear aistriúcháin agus anailíse ar scéal béaloidis.’ Léann Teanga An Reiviú, NUIG, pp.17-40.

Devine, F. & Mac Bhloscaidh, F. (2022) ‘Bread not Profits: Provincial working class politics during the Irish Revolution’. Umiskin Press.

Hanratty, B. (2022) ‘Reading Rebecca in the Sixth-Form Classroom: Some Literary-Critical and Pedagogical Observations.’ Changing English: Studies in Cultural Education. Volume 29, Issue 3, pp.323-332.

Mac Bhloscaidh, F. (2023) ‘The Belfast Labour Party, 1916 - 20’. In Spirit of Revolution: Ireland from Below, 1917 - 1923. Cunningham, J. & Dunne, T. (Eds.) Four Courts Press.

Mac Bhloscaidh, F. (2022) ‘The Belfast Pogrom and the Interminable Irish Question’. Studi Irlandesi: A Journal of Irish Studies. Volume 12, Number 12, pp.171-193.

Mac Corraidh, S. (2022) ‘“Nach te an rud an Ghaeilge?: Isn’t Irish a warm thing?” Learning Irish language and song: an autoethnographic self-reflection.’ Folklife: A Journal of Ethnography. Volume 60, Issue 1, pp.19-40.

Mac Corraidh, S. (2022) ‘Noirm na Gaeilge a aibhsiú, teanga shóisialta na ndaltaí a fhorbairt agus áit an Bhéarla sa ghaelscolaíocht a bheachtú.’ Léann Teanga An Reiviú, NUIG, pp.41-49.

McCann, G., Mishra, N. & Carmody, P. (2022) ‘COVID-19, the Global South and the Pandemic’s Development Impact’. Bristol University Press.

McCann, G. (2021) ‘Migration Policy.’ Handbook on Business and Public Policy. Kellow, A. et al. (Eds.). Edward Elgar, Cheltenham. pp. 258-275.

Nig Uidhir, G. (2021) ‘Oilteacht teanga ag tús an iar-bhunoideachais: Céim ar chéim.’ An Tumoideachas: Deiseanna agus Dea-chleachtais. Ó Ceallaigh, T.J. agus Ó Laoire, M. (Eds.) pp.165-177.

O’Flynn, J., Moore, G., Burgess, F. & Moore, J. (2022) ‘Comparative music education in partnership: examining policy and provision of music in initial teacher education in Ireland and Northern Ireland’. Music Education Research. Volume 24, Issue 3, pp.364-376.

Stewart, M. & Nig Uidhir, G. (2021) ‘Teacher Wellbeing: Report on a Review of the Literature.’ St Mary’s University College Belfast: The Teaching Profession Project.




Taighde Agus Teagasc Journal

The college produces its own academic research journal titled Taighde agus Teagasc, which includes peer-reviewed research articles written by academics and education professionals throughout Ireland that focus specifically on Irish-medium education. The latest volume is available to view by clicking on the image below.


Taighde agus Teagasc cover page




Research Newsletter

The college’s Research Office produces research newsletters in each academic year outlining successes and achievements in research activity by academic staff. These include publications, presentations at academic conferences, funded research projects, other types of activities, and a different staff profile featured in each issue. The latest issue is available to view by clicking on the weblink below.


Research Newsletter Issue 27 (Sep 2022 - Feb 2023)


Previous issues are available to view by clicking on the weblinks below.


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