Careers and Employability Skills Centre


Purpose of the Interview

  • To find out more about you
  • To allow you to find out more about the job/the organisation or the school

Before the Interview

  • Put yourself in the interviewerís shoes.
  • Why are they conducting the interviews?
  • Why are you being interviewed?

Preparation for the Interview

Meeting the Panel

  • Be polite to everyone you meet.
  • Shake hands warmly.
  • Smile, this will also encourage your interviewer.
  • Try to relax, sit back with an upright position.

Golden Rules of Answering Questions

  • Always be positive.
  • Never offer derogatory information about yourself.
  • While you are talking continue to look at the interviewer.
  • Make it clear that you know what you are about.
  • Donít pretend to know something that you donít or try to answer a question you havenít understood. Ask for clarification.
  • Do speak clearly, and NOT TOO FAST.
  • Donít fidget, and try to avoid mannerisms.

Responding Positively

  • Donít ramble Ė aim to keep your answers no more than 3-4 minutes long. Of course avoid them being too short.
  • Use examples. Back up every assertion with a concrete example.
  • Remember the job description.
  • Pause if you need to.
  • Donít lie. Be as honest as you can. You can and should put positive spin on the truth.


  • Answer the question that is asked and do not volunteer irrelevant information.
  • Keep your answers concise and concentrate on the facts NOT opinions.
  • Speak clearly and confidently.
  • Constantly remind yourself that YOU ARE SPECIAL.


  • Try to be too clever.
  • Lie, pretend or give evasive answers.
  • Lose your temper, get flustered or panic.
  • Criticise.