Grounds for Appeal

In order for FSAC to be able to hear your appeal, you must state the grounds on which you are appealing. While you might feel unhappy about a decision, e.g. your examination marks, this does not mean you have grounds for an appeal. There are 3 grounds on which you can appeal:

  1. New evidence has become available which could not have been provided to the Board of Examiners (BoE) meeting (evidence that a student chooses to withhold from the Board of Examiners will not normally constitute new evidence at an appeal).

  2. There has been a procedural irregularity. You need to be able to explain how this impacted on your academic outcome.

  3. For Postgraduate taught students only: that there was inadequate supervision of the thesis/dissertation element of the Postgraduate programme. An appeal will not be considered on this ground, unless there is good reason to show why such issues were not raised by the student promptly at the time they first arose.