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Student Experience

Clodagh Ní Mháirtín - Student Union President 2021/22

Clodagh Ní Mháirtín


Phone: 02890268217


Dia daoibh! I’m delighted to introduce myself as President of St. Mary’s Students’ Union for 2021/22! As SU president, I will act as political leader of the Students' Union and our Director of Finance. I will represent students by sitting on the Academic Board and College Board of Governors, as well as being in liaison with the Faculty of Education. The President of the SU also manages Students’ Union publications, communications, and elections, and I will report regularly to the Students’ Union Executive Team and the College Principal, Professor Finn. I can’t wait to meet you all throughout the year and I know you will have a fab time in St. Mary’s.

Conor Stinton - Student Union Vide-President 2021/22

Conor Stinton


Phone: 02890268311



As Vice-President of the Students’ Union, I have the specific responsibility of working closely with all Clubs and Societies within the college, providing active support and assistance.  I will join the SU President, Clodagh, and sit on the Academic Board to represent the student body. Furthermore, I will oversee the work of all non-sabbatical SU officers and generally assist the SU President on all duties throughout the year.


Paul Boggs - BA Academic Officer 2021/22

Paul Boggs (BEd 4 Technology & Design)

BEd Academic Officer


A chairde, my name is Paul Boggs and I am your BEd Academics Officer for 2021/22. My role will be to deal with issues relating to the BEd programme by representing you at SSCC meetings! I will also help to recruit new year group reps to the SSCC to allow the student voice to be heard within St Mary’s. Student voice is important to me so don’t hesitate to get in touch with any issues you may have, and I’ll be happy to help where I can! Best of luck for the year ahead!

Emma Doherty - Clubs & Societies Officer 2020/22

Emma Doherty (BEd 3 Business Studies)

Clubs and Societies Officer


Hey everyone, I'm Emma and I am your Clubs and Societies Officer for the academic year of 2021/22. I will be working closely with the union to ensure that all clubs and societies are supported and thriving. I would encourage all students, especially new students, to join any club or society within the union - I promise it will enhance your ranch experience!

Lea Casey - Women's Officer 2021/22

Lea Casey (BEd 4 Physical Education)

Women's Officer


Hi I’m Lea and I have been re-elected as the Woman’s Officer for the upcoming year! I have a responsibility of supporting and offering advice to women within the college, celebrating and empowering women and providing equal opportunities for all. I am excited to start final year and can’t wait to get involved in the Students’ Union :)

Lucy McGurk - Cultural & Irish Language Officer 2021/22

Lucy McGurk (BEd 4 Gaeilge)

Cultural & Irish Language Officer


Dia daoibh! My name is Lucy McGurk and I am the Cultural and Irish Language Officer this year in the St. Mary’s Students’ Union! I am looking forward to making Irish language learning opportunities accessible for all in the college this year, as well as making our college space a welcoming atmosphere to all communities! Beatha teanga í a labhairt!

Emer O'Neill - Welfare & Equality Officer 2021/22

Emer O'Neill (BEd 4 Gaeilge)

Welfare & Equality Officer


Hi my name is Emer O’Neill and I am the new Welfare and Equality Officer for 2021/22. I aim to work together with the Students’ Union President and Vice President to ensure that the mental well-being and equality of all the students in SMUCB is put to the forefront of this academic year. It has been a very hard year for everyone, and I look forward to fulfilling my role and promote equality and mental health throughout the college this coming year.

Ella-Rose Sainsbury - Entertainment Officer 2021/22

Ella-Rose Sainsbury (BEd 4 Physical Education)

Entertainments Officer


Hello! I’m Ella-Rose, for the academic year of 21/22 I will be your Entertainment Officer. My role will involve co-ordinating all union executive social functions to make sure you all have the most entertaining year possible. As well as this, I will be helping all clubs, societies and the formal committee to raise funds and organise events. I would encourage everyone to involve themselves in these functions and events as much as possible. I can’t wait to get started!

Ellen Somerville - Community Outreach Officer 2021/22

Ellen Somerville (BEd 3 Science)

Community Outreach & Volunteering Officer


Hi everyone, I’m Ellen Somerville and I am your Community Volunteering Officer. This year I will be responsible for ensuring that St Mary’s students are granted opportunities to engage with the local community and with various charities as part of their personal and professional development. I hope to build upon the relationships St Mary’s already has with the local community but also create new, lasting relationships that will benefit future students in years to come. If you have any charities or community groups close to your heart, that you think could do with our help, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can work together to get everyone involved!