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Student Experience



The Hurling club was established in St Marys in 2003, and since then it has enjoyed some notable success. The hurlers have qualified for the All-Ireland Division Three championship weekend for the past 2 years. In 2019 they went one step further and claimed the Fergal Maher Cup in impressive fashion. Within the Ranch, we keep everything light hearted enough, and we're known for placing a serious emphasis on just having the craic. If you've held a hurl before (or even if you haven't) and want to get to know others with similar interests then come on ahead and join!


Main Contact:Deaglan Murphy
Number of Members:30
Successes: Ferghal Maher Cup Champions 2019
Ferghal Maher Cup Finalists 2013
All Ireland Division Two Finalists 2011
Ferghal Maher Cup Champions 2009
All Ireland Division Three League Winners 2008
Best thing about this Club:"Whilst coming to University is an exciting time for everyone, it can be an intimidating time, too. I was apprehensive about going to University, but after I signed up to the hurling club, I became part of the group and through the trainings, matches and nights out, I soon realised St Mary’s is a great place with great students."
Main Activities / Fixtures:No current fixtures
Social Activities:Team nights out are organised throughout the first semester following all group games. They're a fantastic way to start off the year and get to know everyone. An annual fundraiser is normally held in January/February in the lead-up to championship. These have previously involved fight nights and the ITV spin-off 'I'm a Rancher Get Me Outta Here'.