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Student Experience



The Erasmus Society in St. Marys aims to help students from across the world become immersed in college life as well as giving them opportunities to explore this country they have chosen to study in. Our Buddy programme matches students from St. Marys, some who are post-Erasmus, with the incoming international students as a means of support and guidance during their time here. It is important to us that these Erasmus students make the most of their time here so that they can leave with an amazing, enriched experience of Irish culture and studying in St Marys. Keep an eye out for our upcoming events!


Main Contact:Josephine Quinn
Anita McKeown
Number of Members:45
Successes:Creating a network between St Mary’s students and Erasmus students through the buddy system, organisation of an 'International Dinner' in the college to provide all cultures involved, sampling food from others countries.
Best thing about this Club:"This club helps to immerse the Erasmus students in college life and culture whilst providing a warm and friendly support network."
Main Activities:Buddy meetings, nights out, trips
Social Activities:Nights out, trips, Irish music sessions, dinners, buddy meetings