Hogeschool Windeshiem Study Visit

02 June 2023

St Mary’s hosted a study visit and conference for teacher education students and lecturing staff from Hogeschool Windeshiem, Zwolle, The Netherlands. The six-day visit involved learning about the society and education system in Northern Ireland, visiting various schools and university campuses, sitting in on lectures to do with the context under which teachers and students have to teach and learn in difficult community circumstances, and looking at how culture influences curricula. Leading the Dutch group were Dr Hans Drost, Lisanne Oosterveen-Visse and Marc van Breukelen from the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The visit also facilitated discussion on future joint working and student exchanges.

Group of students and lecturers from Hogeschool Windeshiem, Zwolle, The Netherlands sitting on the front steps of the St Mary's building in the sunshine.

The group of staff and students from Hoeschool Windeshiem, Zwolle, The Netherlands outside on top of Black Mountain with Belfast in the background.

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