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News & Press Releases


Two students, a male and female , itting in a computer lab working on a laptop and smiling.
3 January
Archbishop Noel Treanor in his traditional dress of Mitre (head dress), Alb (inner garment) and Chasuble (outer cape) and walking down the central aisle of St Peter's Cathedral in Belfast.
23 January
Archbishop Noel Treanor
Spirit of Catholic Education Awards
6 February
Spirit of Catholic Education Awards
University of Warsaw
21 February
University of Warsaw
UNESCO City of Music
9 March
UNESCO City of Music
Irish Scholars Visit
28 March
Irish Scholars Visit
5 April
A Year in Sport
19 April
A Year in Sport
Bursaries for St Mary's Students
4 May
Bursaries for St Mary's Students
A circle of hands all coming together in the middle.  Each hand is intricately tattooed with a henna design.
19 May
Together in India
Saphara's newcomer welcome week with students from St Mary's and Stranmillis Colleges and staff from Saphara all standing together in a room with Saphara - Be the change t-shirts on
1 June
Le Chéile - A catholic school ethos journal - issue 31 2013 front page.  Showing a teacher sitting on a rainbow rug with some primary school boys and girls with a story book in her hand.
14 June
Le Chéile - Issue 31
Graduation ceremony at Whitla Hall, Queen's University.  Taken from the balcony with family and friends of the students looking on and the graduates of the day on the lower floor space, seated with their graduation gowns on.  On the stage in front of them are the faculty of Queens and some of St Mary's taking part in the graduation ceremony.
7 July
Graduation 2023
Féile an Phobail 35 - Welcoming the world logo sitting on a black background with the text Féile 35 total social media reach 35,201,285
14 August
Memories of Féile 35
Picture of four students sitting outside of St Mary's university college laughing
7 September
New Academic Year