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Arion Study Visit

29 March 2006

Eibhlin Mhic Aoidh has just returned from an Arion visit to Bilbao in the Basque Country. With participants from a number of European countries, she had the opportunity to investigate the Basque education system and in particular the role of language in education, to visit schools and Berritzegunaek advisory centres which provide inservice training for teachers, to meet with representatives of the Ministry of Education and Bilbao City Council and to find out about some exciting developments in environmental education and in education for those at risk of failure in secondary schools. She also visited Gernika and found out about the Gernika peace centre which is based on the notion that a place which suffered so much during war can now be a workshop for peace. This centre works with schools developing programmes for conflict-solving and also works in the international arena for peace. An important dimension of her visit was experiencing Basque culture and hospitality. The visit also allowed her to meet, share experiences and to work closely with educators and administrators from Turkey, Poland, Romania, Greece, Germany, Latvia, Italy and Ireland.

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